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Asphalt Repair

The sun's ultraviolet rays bake the essential strength and flexibility properties out of asphalt, leaving it brittle and full of hairline cracks that make the surface vulnerable to water invasion. Aggregate ravels from the surface and the pavement becomes rough. Water penetration enlarges cracks and freeze/thaw cycles add to the breakdown.

Further surface deterioration occurs from gas and oil leaks that soften and pit the asphalt. These stained areas combine to give an unsightly and uncared for look to a faded surface.

Because of the nature of asphalt pavement, your driveway/parking lot will eventually experience some type of cracking. Cracks are the first step in pavement deterioration. They allow moisture, chemicals such as gasoline and oil, and the sun's ultraviolet rays to penetrate the asphalt concrete. This accelerates pavement breakdown. Proper repair of cracks 1/4 inch wide or larger is the first step to successful driveway/parking lot maintenance.

Contractors are experienced in the cleaning and repair of cracks, and your best bet is to have them repair the cracks for you. They know the methods, have the tools, and have access to high-quality professional products. Cracksealing is an art in itself, and to get the best return on your driveway investment, have a professional contractor do the work.

Determining Crack Depth

Crack Filling

After Crack Filling

Effects of freeze - thaw

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